3D Computer Digital Drawing of human head made up of sinusoidal signal and AI.

Our Technology

Food service providers have a long standing unmet need - eliminating food waste and minimizing the inefficiencies in their operations, in order to shift to a full thriving mode!


Metafoodx is the first food-tech company solving the challenges of food waste and operations efficiency with a unified framework, starting with holistic consideration of the food supply chain from the inventory, to preparation, and to food serving. Then, Metafoodx uses AI-based sensor fusion to gain full visibility on all aspects of food waste and operations. At the same time, the solution implements impactful RPAs that integrate seamlessly with the existing processes, to improve quality and speed of execution. Finally, the AI-powered and cloud-delivered analytics allows cost and process optimization, to achieve waste reduction, cost saving, as well as experience boost.  Above all, customers’ security and privacy are assured throughout our solution.