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About Us

Our mission is to drive the digital transformation of personal diet behavior to enable healthier, happier, and more productive lifestyles, and make positive changes happen naturally!


We see a future where personal dietary data is part of our daily life!  Knowledge about healthy diets is no longer theoretical. When everyday people have the practical knowledge about how many calories and nutrients in every portion of their meals, change is inevitable, progress becomes natural, and the power to enhance lives is monumental!

This is not fiction! Our first-generation system has been proven in China with 40+ restaurants including 25 school and office cafeterias.  Our restaurant customers subconsciously reduced their calorie intake by 18.9% within one year.  Our participating restaurants attracted up to 5 times more and happier customers.  And food waste is reduced drastically.

We are focused on developing the next generation system, which will make it easier for restaurants to partner with us, help customers gain more benefits, and expand our technology into everyday people’s lives.


Eat happier and live healthier; Empowered by Skoopin!


We're problem solvers. Health Developers. Earth Savers. Our passion and depth of knowledge is our greatest strength.

Meet our team in San Francisco. 

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