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Solve Food Waste

Metafoodx believes that it is one of the most critical factors for achieving global sustainability.

We remove the data gap between back-kitchen production and true consumption through industry-first real-time consumption tracking. 

Food waste

We deliver customers value by providing planning tools with actionable insights and by generating automatic alerts and reminders to help staff streamline actions. Metafoodx delivers business impact by reducing food waste, lowering COGS, and increasing operational efficiency.

Metafoodx helps you increase your margin by 25%

your Revenue


Increase Labor Efficiency

Elevate customer experience with top quality ingredients while minimizing waste

Empower staff to focus on creating unforgettable dining moments over excess production.

Precise tracking of consumption, overproduction, and food waste

Optimize energy and water usage for efficiency and sustainability

Streamline back-office tasks to foster creativity in crafting innovative menus and recipes

Efficiency allocate labor to streamline production

Our solution

Measure and Control
Our devices track consumption in real time and automatically alert when it's time to refill. Be compliant with Food Safety Standards with our temperature log and live quality control.

Use AI for production planning. Anticipate demand based on the data and transform overproduction and reduce waste.

Drive cost reductions by accurately monitoring inventory and adjusting purchasing accordingly. Revitalize your menu with fresh, exciting dishes while maintaining customer favorites.

Mobile AI Scanner for food monitoring
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