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Metafoodx is on a mission to solve the challenge of food waste because we believe that it is one of the most critical factors for achieving global sustainability.  We have assembled a team that shares a passion for helping foodservice businesses and has great insight into how the challenges of food production can be solved with artificial intelligence.


Metafoodx helps foodservice businesses prevent food waste and optimize production planning through an AI-powered software service.  We remove the data gap between back-kitchen production and true consumption through industry-first real-time consumption tracking.  We deliver customers value by providing planning tools with actionable insights and by generating automatic alerts and reminders to help staff streamline actions.  Metafoodx delivers business impact by reducing food waste, lowering COGS, and increasing operational efficiency. 


Our product consists of a data analytics cloud and a set of consumption tracking devices. The tracking devices deploy seamlessly to service environments and collect granular consumption data. The cloud service discovers consumption trends, generates production guidance, and delivers timely alerts and insightful reports.

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