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Leveraging AI
to create a Sustainable Future

Metafoodx leverages computer vision and AI to increase your margin by 25%


The lack of predictability in hospitality operations leads to overproduction and food waste

Facts about food waste in the US


of all food produced in the US is waste

About food waste in the US


of landfill is food

Food waste in the US


of businesses cite higher labor and food costs as an issue

Source: ReFED/2022 Data

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How Metafoodx shows visibility  

Chefs in a restaurant

AI-Driven Insights

Track real-time consumption and waste, ensuring 100% operational efficiency based on precise data

Sustainability at Heart

Reduce overproduction and enhance food use, preventing unnecessary landfill contributions and supporting your sustainability goals

Enhance Customer Experience

Streamline operations and enrich both staff and client interactions with tools that comply with safety standards

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Metafoodx's Secret Sauce

  • Automatic Consumption Tracking for Production Forecast

  • AI for Effortless Efficiency and Quality Control

  • Temperature Log Accuracy for Compliance​

An Easy Dashboard for Easy Planning

Browse the menu to configure service operations, access real-time kitchen insights, and generate production forecasts

Monitor and track consumption of your menu items
Dashboard showing kitchen insights and tracking food consumption and food waste in kitchen operations
Check out which menu items are experiencing the most overproduction
Gain insights into your menu item popularity by analyzing leftover amounts

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